About Herts Canoe Lifeguards

Herts Canoe Lifeguards was formed around 1985 by an enthusiastic group of paddlers who were looking for new ways to getting out and about in their kayaks. Before long they discovered that sporting events that included open water swimming (such as Triathlons), were woefully short of any real safety support for the swimmers taking part.

Using kayaks to provide safety cover proved ideal, a kayak can get up close to the swimmers without endangering them with an outboard propeller on a rescue boat (as was the standard safety cover method at that time), the kayaks were quiet and completely free of engine exhaust fumes, and kayaks have carrying handles within easy reach of a swimmer looking for a safe haven in the middle of a lake.

The members of Herts Canoe Lifeguards embarked on Lifeguard training in accordance with BCU (British Canoe Union) standards, First Aid training with the Red Cross, and other training syllabuses to ensure that their safety team members were ready to deal with whatever situation they may face while providing safety cover.

Herts Canoe Lifeguards 2012 Olympics
Herts Canoe Lifeguards at the 2012 Olympics.

Herts Canoe Lifeguards went from strength to strength quickly gaining a reputation for excellent swim safety cover, we have provided safety cover at many prestigious Triathlons and open water swimming events including the London and Blenheim Palace Annual Triathlons, and Herts Canoe Lifeguards were the safety cover unit of choice for the 2012 London Olympics.